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Many of the most well-known and iconic images and moments in our collective consciousness are a result of a clever marketing campaign. Diamond engagement rings, today a symbol of prosperity, wealth and timeless love, came into popularity as a result of an ingenious marketing campaign by De Beers, a company specialising in diamond mining, diamond retail, and diamond trading. Nike’s iconic “Just Do It” strap line is known around the world, synonymous with their brand. Apple’s canny marketing campaign took their brand from a firm runner-up to the more successful Microsoft to a powerful force of its own, with their well-known Mac vs PC advertisements giving them a 42% market growth in the first year of being rolled out. With stories like these, it’s clear that marketing is a major contributor to a business’s sales, growth, and success.

De Beers, Nike, and Apple are all enormous companies with their own dedicated marketing departments and huge annual budgets. A marketing campaign needs many things to succeed - specialist software and the expertise to use it effectively, marketing experience and knowledge, and a team with a range of different skills, from social media and video marketing to copywriting to graphic design. Many businesses simply do not have the time or money to hire and train a team to pull off a marketing campaign for them - and that’s where the outsourced marketing company. makes its entrance.

An independent marketing company is a far more cost-effective (and efficient) solution, already having the software, expertise, experience and knowledge necessary to dream up and deliver a successful marketing strategy. The cost of hiring an outsourced marketing company to take care of promoting the business is often far less than the cost of hiring and training a marketing specialist (or, for a more far-reaching marketing strategy, an entire team).

An outsourced marketing company can be hired to do ongoing work on a strategy or campaign, or on a more ad-hoc basis, dipping in and out whenever needed. Some companies will use a marketing company to launch their brand, receiving vital support and advice with their logo, USP, competitive advantages, and online presence to make sure they begin with their best foot forward. Other companies will have already carved themselves out a presence in their industry, but are looking to expand, or to diversify their revenue stream. Regardless of how long a business has been running, marketing companies have something to offer.

A well-planned and properly executed marketing strategy can propel a business to new heights, enable a major expansion, and grow their success in ways they had not yet anticipated. And with different marketing avenues - such as a video, social media, web, or print - increasingly requiring specialist knowledge and expertise to be truly effective, an outsourced marketing company is becoming a more common ally to both small and large businesses alike.